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King PR & Marketing creates custom solutions to meet your organization’s
specific goals and budget.

We specialize in strategies that focus on branding,
communication and community engagement.


Tulsa Branding Services

We help companies create an identity and online presence that reflects who they are as a company and attracts their ideal customers. 

We use an assessment process to understand what makes their company unique and create a consistent brand message to use for print and online communication. 

We then partner with website and graphic design experts to translate that brand message into an online presence that resonates with their ideal customers.

Services Include:

• Establish company identity and key messages
• Create a consistent brand across all platforms
• Website design and content development
• Logo development & graphic design
• Social Media content & design

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Tulsa Communications Strategies

We help organizations create a marketing strategy
that aligns with their business goals and engages
their customers.

We work with companies to understand their
company identity and their ideal customers, so we can create clear messaging and use marketing tactics that will work for their unique business needs.

Services Include:

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Website content creation
  • Social media content & image design
  • Collateral materials & annual reports
  • Electronic newsletters & Email campaigns
  • Media relations & news releases
  • Donor engagement & solicitation campaigns
  • Event promotion

Tulsa Community Partner

We work with nonprofits and businesses to help
bridge the gap between donors, volunteers and
organizations that want to make an impact in our

For businesses and corporations, we create
community giving strategies that maximize your contributions, engage your employees and build your brand.

For nonprofits, we build donor solicitation, retention and fundraising campaigns that build long-lasting relationships with your donors.

Services Include:

  • Community giving strategies
  • Event planning
  • Event promotion
  • Fundraising
Tulsa Community Marketing Partner

Proven Process

Unlocking The Power of Your Brand

All that we do is based on five fundamental keys of success. This proven process maximizes the effectiveness of each marketing strategy and give clients the tools for success.

To create an effective marketing strategy, you first need to have a clear understanding of two things: your company identity and your ideal customers.

Setting annual business goals and specific marketing goals provides a guideline for the marketing strategy and keeps a campaign from losing focus on what is most important. Measurable goals and objectives are crucial to effectively evaluate program success.

Begin by determining your budget and then identify which marketing tactics are best suited to engage your customers and achieve your goals. Then create an implementation
calendar that outlines what needs to be accomplished by certain dates in order to execute the plan.

During implementation, the marketing tactics will be written, designed and executed according to the implementation calendar.

At the end of the campaign, results and marketing tactics are reviewed to determine their effectiveness. Underperforming tactics are adjusted or replaced to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective marketing.

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